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Who We Are

Established in 1999, Netex is a leading technology solutions provider serving a broad range of medium to large clients in numerous industries across North America. Netex’ capabilities span from:

  • custom software development
  • network design and engineering
  • VPN deployment
  • network and security analysis
  • VoIP design and deployment
  • web and email hosting
  • hardware purchasing, procurement, and lease financing
  • on-site and remote administration
  • compliance testing
  • network and managed services
  • end-user support
  • remote monitoring and support
  • virus and spam protection


We follow proven practices that allow for successful project completion and pride ourselves on delivering solutions that exceed customer expectations. We have experience working with a broad range of customers, from individuals to some of the world’s best known companies.  Netex is your one source technology solutions provider. We have products and solutions to ensure that your company will stay competitive, eliminate technical boundaries and increase efficiency in your organization.

 The Netex Process

Netex offers a one stop solution, covering every phase from consultation and procurement to operation and maintenance. At Netex, the value provided extends beyond experienced engineers, supported applications and product and service offerings. Our greatest asset is our commitment to building trusted relationships with our clients while providing a proactive support methodology. Netex works closely with each client to tailor a solution based on their individual needs, acknowledging that a one-size-fits-all solution is not effective. This makes it possible for the solution to evolve as a business develops.

Evaluation and Consultation

The relationship between Netex and our clients begins with consultation and evaluation. While not every business that Netex evaluates engages in a customer partnership, the discovery process provides information valuable to decision makers as they prepare for future technical needs.

Through consultation and a comprehensive network evaluation, clients will understand areas of concern. Netex then works with the client to determine an optimal solution for their needs. The solution could be a simple internal modification, a small tweak or change or a fully customized Netex solution.

Proactive Support

Netex’s primary objective is to solve issues before they become debilitating problems. Preventing issues is easier, safer and more cost effective than reacting to them. As a result, every Netex Managed Services client receives services based on a flat monthly rate with a committed number of hours of support each month. Operating within this structure, Netex takes every measure necessary to prevent any major issues.

The first step to issue prevention is stabilizing the client’s environment. Once stability is accomplished, Netex uses advanced monitoring tools and reporting mechanisms to ensure proper performance. Should issues arise, they are addressed immediately to avoid further problems. Whether Netex is working within an existing IT department or acting as a primary, comprehensive IT resource , clients can confidently rely on a full team looking out for their interests, both short and long term.

Trusted Advisors

Many Netex clients utilize Netex as a resource addition to an existing IT department. For other businesses, Netex operates as their sole IT provider. In either case, the customer is the beneficiary of an open, honest and consultative relationship. Due to the proactive approach used, clients rely on Netex to ensure that their business is always moving in the right direction and that they are always aware of potential issues or future changes. The breadth of the Netex engineers experience makes it possible for customers to fully leverage ideas, feedback and knowledge, whether that is within the context of a 10 man IT shop or as the only technical voice in a company of 10 associates.

Pricing Model

The Netex mission is to provide proactive support and create business partnerships with customers. This attitude permeates throughout the company from the Netex engineers to the services and the pricing models available.

To determine the investment required for a solution, Netex Enterprises meets with the client and performs a site analysis/evaluation. As issues are uncovered, it is determined how each one will be addressed. The Netex team will then work to establish a fair, standard base monthly rate. This rate is typically agreed upon for a term of 12 months. To help the client control costs, a block number of hours are assigned to each client based on previous history of support issues. This way costs remain more consistent and clients can more accurately budget their IT expenses. Other service providers may utilize a straight hourly or per incident charge. The belief at Netex is that engineers should work with clients to prevent incidents from developing instead of reacting to issues as they present themselves. This proactive approach provides clients with a partnership that avoids unnecessary downtime. While a more consistent monthly fee and a block of hours committed to the client is the standard model for Netex, additional services are available with a different pricing structure.

Proactive Consulting

Business owners are responsible for making decisions and improving products, services, customer relations and business continuity. Technology is essential to business productivity; however, IT issues often distract focus from core initiatives and can be a source of unnecessary frustration. Due to the necessity of maintaining focus on high priority objectives, technology requirements are often overlooked. This results in a reactive approach to technology rather than proactively preventing issues from developing.

Netex aims to alleviate these frustrations for businesses. When a need is found, Netex engineers work with clients through the procurement process, evaluating solutions. Once a solution is chosen, installed, and configured, Netex provides support, ensuring the technology is operating efficiently and securely at all times. A proactive ideology allows business owners to focus on driving the company while Netex maintains their technology investments


Initial discovery and site analysis begins the partnership between Netex and its clients, and aids in determining what issues are present and what needs should be addressed first. Typically, beginning stages focus on transitioning the client to a stable state where future issues can be avoided. Best practices are used to ensure efficiency, stability and security while minimizing down time.

Netex Monitoring Tool and Reporting Process

Netex utilizes its advanced monitoring and reporting tools to continuously supervise the client’s entire network. These tools identify potential issues, allowing Netex to make necessary changes or fixes and prevent possible problems.

Working with the Client

Every Netex client is unique. Some operate with Netex to supplement an existing IT staff; others depend on Netex as their sole IT administrator. Regardless of how their managed services are implemented, Netex acts as a trusted advisor, helping customers steer through their ever-changing business climate. Providing customers with suggestions and recommendations for maintaining peak performance, Netex works with those most familiar with operations to determine the best solutions going forward.